Reading Nook of the Week: Stephanie at Stephanie, A History

Reading Nook of the Week

Welcome back to the next installment of Reading Nook of the week, today we bring back Stephanie from Stephanie, A History. She did a few weeks ago Once Upon a Signing. Let's see where she loves to do her reading. 

Stephanie: We recently moved into a new apartment and I was so excited to go furniture shopping.  The thing I wanted most of all was a reading chair, since it would have to be something my husband would want to use too, I settled for a recliner.  I spend most of my day in this chair, either reading or writing.  Sometimes I pop the foot-rest out and stretch my legs out, but most of the time I'm curled up in it.  There's nothing like curling up in your favorite reading chair with a good book. 

Yes we know how guy love their recliners. I have one as well and use it for reading sometimes. What I love the most from the picture though, is the Carebear side table, is that Tenderheart bear? I want one. Thanks Stephanie for sharing with us today. Stop by Stephanie's blog today and catch a guest post from Ben Barnes.


  1. That looks nice and comfortable!!! That is a recliner I would actually love to have in my living room!!

  2. I love your reading chair, it looks so super comfy! I've never thought about having a recliner as a reading chair but I can definitely see the benefits. :D

  3. Thanks for having me! The recliner was originally for my husband, but I've kind of taken over it because it's so comfy. Oops!! e


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