Movie Review: Sicario

RELEASE DATE: 10/2/2015
Directed By Denis Villeneuve
Written By Taylor Sheridan
Cast Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro 

In Mexico, SICARIO means hitman.

In the lawless border area stretching between the U.S. and Mexico, an idealistic FBI agent [Emily Blunt] is enlisted by an elite government task force official [Josh Brolin] to aid in the escalating war against drugs.

Led by an enigmatic consultant with a questionable past [Benicio Del Toro], the team sets out on a clandestine journey forcing Kate to question everything that she believes in order to survive.

A Lionsgate presentation, a Black Label Media presentation, a Thunder Road production, a Denis Villeneuve film.

I was very excited to go see Sicario because, not only is it more up my alley, but it also has two of the most badasses ever: Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro (one of my favorite actors). Let me start by saying that their performances did NOT disappoint! Especially Benicio's! His acting was superb and he made you believe so many different things, just to throw you a curve ball in the end. That's what makes him such an amazing actor (and I have a weak spot for him because he is in my most favorite movie: Snatch!). Emily was also great; she made you feel all of her feels. Her accent was pretty good, but I felt they gave her very few lines -especially for being one of the main characters! Maybe because her accent needs more perfection? Not sure, because, what I got to hear, was pretty darn American! All the other actors did a good job too!

Now let's talk about the editing: it was a little choppy in some parts. It felt like they were jumping from one scene to the next instead of it having a smooth transition. The effects were pretty good, although not a whole lot were needed believe it or not. The filming style isn't for everyone, for it sometimes is not the smooth, still camera we are more used to. In some of the scenes it seems like the person was walking as they were recording, but I liked they way it was done (not as jumpy as The Blair Witch Project) because it made me feel like I was there with them, going through what they were going through.

And now the best part: the plot! As you read above in the studio given summary of the movie, you can see they speak about corruption. This, of course, is nothing new in the world of the FBI (or CIA or any government branch really) movie plots, but the way they presented it and the way it all was discovered was pretty out of the left field. They really fool you more than once! I felt bad for Kate (Emily Blunt) because she was constantly put between a rock and a hard place since she was a good, moralistic person. I was able to identify with her (and if you know me, you know that I'd be just like her) because she is one of those that wants to really make a difference but sometimes has to make tough choices that make her go against her morality (and who hasn't been there, right?). My only complaint about Kate, honestly, is that I guess I am used to seeing Emily play SUCH badass take-no-one's-crap kind of characters, and in this movie she was a watered down version of that. But, I understand you can't play the same character all the time ;)

Overall, I liked the movie. It kept me intrigued and it shows something that is a true reality for some people. With that said, I will let you all know that this is not for the faint of heart or for those that get easily upset with graphic and gory scenes. There are quite a few horrific things shown that not everyone will be able to tolerate. Just bare in mind: it's about the drug cartel, that should tell you enough! If you're ok with all these types of scenes, like I am, then definitely go check it out!

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