#ECCC Final Day Recap

The final day of comic con came and went and it was one of the saddest days for me. Saddest because this amazing con came to an end. I had to get back to my everyday life of work. I'm not completely ready for it yet still.

The start of our final day was actually rough. My Tom Felton photo op started at 11am...meaning we had to be leaving our hotel by 9am to get there on time. We were dragging. The night before we had gone to a place called Round 1 for some video gaming fun and we were out way too late and had to get up at 7am. You can say it's lucky that I didn't fall asleep on Tom during our photo op.

The line for the photo op was insanely long. I had thought that they put caps on the photo ops but from the looks of Tom's line the hadn't. But the wait was worth it. I got an amazing picture out of this.

It was such a quick moment with him but he was a sweetheart. He called me love as I was leaving and he seemed excited to be taking a picture with all of us fans. If you can't tell I was sporting my Hufflepuff pride. My bracelet says "Hufflepuff Loyalty" and I'm wearing a Hufflepuff bow in my hair as well. 

After this we grabbed lunch before heading over to start the first of our 3 last panels. The first panel was all of the voice actors from the con talking about how to make it in the industry.

Winnie the pooh was there as well as the cast from the animaniacs, John DiMaggio and Troy Baker. They honestly had some great advice - seeing as I want to work in film I felt like their advice was still perfect for me. Even though I don't want to be a voice actor. The most prominent advice that I remember from them is Don't Ever Give Up. I know that this is something I always already tell myself, but hearing it from them and then hearing their stories of how they went to give up but kept on trying and then things worked out was definitely inspirational for me.

After this panel was Tom's panel. And his panel was hilarious. 

Tom kept getting asked about how he felt that most fans shipped Draco with Harry. He seems like one of this ships biggest advocate. He kept making reference to it. Kept saying that he would love to have stolen Dan off the set. Basically made every Potter fan there squeal with excitement and adoration for their favorite bad boy with their favorite wizard.

Tom is one of the funniest people I have ever seen in a panel. And he is also one of the most genuine. When Alan Rickman got brought up it definitely made the crowd tearful but he had a hilarious story about him during filming of the 6th film. 

My favorite part was when Claire - the moderator - was asking him how tough it was saying goodbye to Draco he said that he had almost started crying during this panel because it was bringing back all of the emotions that he felt. Clearly he holds Draco close to his heart.

After this we went and shopped the floor for about 2 hours before our last panel. Saw some more amazing cosplay and bought a ton of stuff because it was the last day...why not.

After this it was time for our last panel. Vincent D'Onofrio's panel. An actor who is well known by most but yet still slips through our minds sometimes when thinking of actors.

I had forgotten that this man had been in Men In Black - which he talked a little bit about how he came up with the voice of that character and the walk for that character. He had also been in Full Metal Jacket - meaning he worked with the great Stanley Kubrick. He is mainly known for having been on Law And Order though, and it was so great to hear him talk about all of his journeys in the industry.

I was sad to have to leave comic con, but I cannot wait to see what next year brings!

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